Creating Your Plan

we will do it together

If you want to create a dinner for you and your family, you start with: what do you like to eat? Once you know what you want to eat, you find the recipe. Once you find the recipe, you gather your ingredients. Once you have followed the recipe, you enjoy the fruits (or maybe vegetables) of your labor.

We start with: what are your values (what do you want)? Once we know your values, we discuss your goals (what recipe).

Once we know your goals, we analyze all of your assets as well as your current and future sources of income; things like savings and investments, social security, pensions or other employee-contribution plans, and earnings from work (gathering ingredients). Once we have built your plan (and continuously check in to catch for issues), you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Enjoy!

How Do We Get There?

We talk together to find out about you, your family, your values, and your goals, whether in 6 months’ time or decades down the road. I utilize technology to create an easy to read plan that we can then adjust in real time, so when life changes quickly, so does your plan so you stay on target.

At PreActive Investments, we take pride in understanding our clients’ financial health. We want to be preactive so you stay in control of your financial wellness and not playing damage control.

Building, Protecting & Distributing Wealth


Debt Management

Investment Guidance

Education Planning

Analyze Insurance Needs

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning


Plan Only: $2500 / Initial Plan, $250 / Quarterly


With Investment Management:

$2500 / Initial Plan, 1.25% annualized assets under management