We decipher all of your financial information and balance that with your goals, values, and concerns.

People hear “financial plan” and rightfully have images of pages and pages of charts, graphs, and maybe something actionable. We give you easy to understand financial reports and an executive summary with the highlights and strategies that we will use together to help you reach your financial objectives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our office is in St. Charles, IL, however we can work with clients wherever you are. We can call, text, email, or have internet meetings – whatever works best for you and gives you the flexibility you need so that we can best serve you. To start building a relationship, please reach out and start a conversation with us. Schedule your free 15 min intro call here.

  1.  A friendly conversation! This first phone call is so we can determine what you need, even if you aren’t sure what that is yet. We will want to know your financial goals, where you are towards those goals, and what you want to accomplish when working with either a certified financial planner or with a portfolio manager. After this discussion, we can decide if it makes sense to proceed forward.
  1. You will work primarily with Nicole Piton, who is a certified financial planner. Whether you are a financial planning client, an investment client, or you utilize both services, Nicole will be your primary point of contact. Bobby consults regarding investment advice and active management for investment clients.
  1. Our Financial Planning Services are priced with an initial cost of $2500, plus $200 monthly fee for ongoing planning. This includes a quarterly meeting and regular on-going support for questions.
  2. Our Investment Management Services are for minimum account size of $250,000 with an asset-based rate of 2.5%. This is for active management of your account(s); no TERPs or Mutual Funds or outside management of your account(s).
  3. Our Composite Services (financial planning and investment management) costs the initial $2500 for a base plan, plus $175 monthly fee for ongoing planning. Investment Management requires a minimum of $250,000 with an asset-based rate of 2.5%.
  1. No, you do not. When you hire us for financial planning services, we review your current investment strategy and make recommendations. This includes reviewing your 401(k), 403(b), and any other ERISA retirement accounts. When we review your investment strategy, you may choose at that time to add investment management services.
  2. You may also hire us for investment management services only. We will perform a standard risk assessment and review your goals for your investment accounts. It will not include a full review of your full financial situation.
  1. Debt Management
  2. Investment Guidance
  3. Investing Tax Efficiently and Tax Harvesting
  4. Education Planning
  5. Exercising Stock Options
  6. Deciding when and how to take retirement benefits (social security, pension, retirement accounts, IRAs)
  7. Determining if Roth conversions make sense
  8. Analyzing Insurance Needs