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Did you know that a single year of college currently costs between $23,000-46,000* – per child?
What will the annual costs be when your child is ready for college?

As your financial advisor, I know that the soaring costs of college must concern you. Do you have a plan for affording the cost of college without sacrificing your retirement savings plan?

Here is something you might not know: When it comes to paying for college, there are really two prices – one for the informed buyer and one for the un-informed. The fact is, the uninformed buyer of a college education generally spends thousands of dollars more than the informed.

When it comes time to send your child to college, will you be able to send them to the college that is the best fit for them? Or will you have to settle for the school that you think is the most affordable?

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The Good news is that I can help

I am now offering a specialized college-planning capability that will help you become an informed buyer of a college education, thereby reducing your out-of-pocket college costs.

My priority is to protect your hard-earned income and assets and to help your child attend the college of their choice – and to keep you from paying one dollar more than necessary.

How do we accomplish all of this?

  • By implementing strategic tax and cash flow planning
  • By maximizing opportunities for financial aid
  • By leveraging financial aid awards – both current and future ones
  • Limiting of parent and student debt
  • Redirecting money that would have been spent on college toward retirement or other financial goals
  • Helping to ensure that your student attends their college of choice and not just the least expensive one

Start Planning Now

Waiting to begin your child’s college planning will lead to increased college costs later

We'll assist with starting your plan and provide the tools and advice to help you make the best financially informed decision while getting your child in the right college for their growth.

College planning is NOT just saving for college

You should be able to expect more than just simplistic, one-size-fits-all savings strategies from your financial advisor. I can help you save ON, not just FOR the cost of college.

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College planning is NOT just saving for college. It is implementing a variety of college cost REDUCING strategies that may end up saving you on your college costs.

Other than possibly your home, education costs could be the greatest expenses you’ll incur. The average cost of a four-year college education is $90,000 – $200,000 – for one child! Every dollar spent on college is a dollar that is NOT going toward your retirement. Think about it: for any large expenditure you’ll probably look for ways to reduce your cost (home, car, vacations, etc.) through a variety of cost-reducing strategies. The same approach SHOULD be applied to college costs – or you may end up paying more than you need to.

NOW. Deferring college planning will just increase your college costs later, potentially diminishing funds set aside for retirement and wealth accumulation.

College planning is NOT just for middle-income earners. The higher your income, the more important effective college planning might be since college is often paid for with after-tax dollars.

Some professional advisors subscribe to an approach that addresses college planning as essentially a savings issue. I do much more. Beyond just savings strategies, I focus on identifying strategies that leverage your unique situation to help you save ON college costs.

I take into consideration topics like specialized college-planning strategies for business owners, planning for financial aid,
school-specific scholarships, coordinating college planning with grandparents, cash-flow strategies and options for covering shortfalls, to name just a few.

Today, parents of college-bound children should be able to expect more than just simplistic,
one-size-fits-all savings strategies from their financial advisor. With me, you can expect more and I’ll deliver more!

Build your college list!

Start with the right college list and you are far more likely to send your child to the Right College for the Right Reasons and at the Right Price!  Pricing: $1750

The College List Is The Most Important Factor In College Affordability and effective planning.

Parents can do all the right things: plan financially, implement strategies to increase aid eligibility and correctly fill out the financial aid forms. Students can get good grades, join clubs, volunteer, take test prep courses and write amazing essays.

As important as all these items are, they are secondary to the single most important factor in paying the least amount of money possible and still getting a great education for your child: STARTING with the RIGHT list of candidate schools! 

The financial costs of starting with the wrong list can total tens of thousands of dollars resulting from:

  • Taking longer to graduate which means higher out-of-pocket college costs and maybe even more debt, for the student and the parents.
  • The high cost associated with transferring to another school with respect to lost aid and credits.
  • Changes of major which delay graduation and income earning
    Attending a school that won’t provide enough, if any, financial aid or scholarships to help offset cost.
  • Needless college visits, wasting time and money on schools that aren’t a good fit for your student or your finances

We aim to guide your through the whole process to ensuring financial security. All the while being able to send your child off to the right college for their growth and still be able to plan for retirement.

College Planning Strategy and Report

Pricing: $600
Includes: 15 Minute Initial Call, 90 Minute College Planning Call, 30 Minute Follow-up Call, Up to Additional 4 Reports Generated (within 3 months of College Planning Call)
Additional Follow-Up Calls: $197/hr

During the phone call we answer the following questions and concerns:

  • Percentagewise, how much savings can we possibly see if we work with you?
  • If our son/daughter has a field that they want to focus on in mind, are you able to help find schools that best fits us financially?
  • Generally, what fees are involved with a student attending college?
  • What kind of out-of-state fees do we need to consider?
  • Are there student programs that might help eliminate tuition fees?
  • Are there grants that a student can apply for?
  • Can we qualify for financial aid?
  • Are there local and national scholarships that we can apply for?
  • Can our son’s/daughter’s grades help lower tuition?
  • Can our son/daughter attend college without getting student loans?
  • Do credit scores play a part with student loans?
  • Do you recommend work-study programs?
  • What should my high-school son/daughter be doing now, to help with lowering student debt in their college years?
  • If my son/daughter is a straight A student AND a successful athlete, should we (as parents) be communicating with potential schools advocating them to admissions/coaches?
  • Are there options to save on room-and-board expenses?


Applying for financial aid


  • FAFSAssist – $1,500
  • Full College planning & FAFSAssist –  $1995
FAFSAssist helps parents successfully navigate the gauntlet of financial aid roadblocks.
FAFSAssist saves parents time, frustration and headaches. Parents will be guided through the maze of requirements and, upon approval, have the major forms completed and filed for them.
FAFSAssist will also determine the fairness of the student’s scholarships and grants with suggestions to increase offers if necessary.

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