Being preactive means taking action as a result of a predicted future activity.

You want freedom and less stress. You want a plan that adapts to your changing life but keeps you on your course. You could take your time to research, design, and implement your own solid financial plan. But it is easy to lose momentum and go off course when daily life happens.

At PreActive Investments, we help you define your financial goals. Then, we take a hands-on approach to assist you in achieving those goals.

Always One Step Ahead

A PLAN will set your course. Your INVESTMENTS will provide the means.

Imagine you are going on a trip. You work with a travel agent to determine where you are going and what you will do to prepare for your trip and what you will do once you arrive. That is your financial plan, and Nicole is your guide. Now, who is going to fly the plane?

Bobby is your pilot. He uses a sophisticated framework built on different principles of mathematics, physics, and economics, aiming to maximize risk adjusted returns.

Committed To Your Financial Excellence

Let’s Meet & Get to Know One Another

We connect on your level to understand what you’re about and your future.



We start every relationship with an obligation-free 15-minute introductory call. We will get to know each other and determine if our team is the best to help.


Choose a Plan

We will consider your specific needs and recommend a package to map out your short- and long-term goals.


Set Your Course

Using your goals & values as a guide, our team will help you build a personalized plan based on your unique financial situation.

Steps To Financial Success

Explore How Our Expertise Can Work For You

What exactly is a financial plan? It is a holistic view of your goals, your values, and the income that funds it all. A Financial Plan interconnects all facets of your daily life today with your long-term goals for retirement and beyond. These are just a few of our specialties.


Match your investments with your risk tolerance. Determine your asset allocation based on your specific situation. Your investments are the vehicle that gets you everywhere you want to go.


Learn how much you need to save for your children’s college education and which financial vehicle is best for your family. College bound in the next 5 years? That is a different conversation we can help with.


Need to figure out whether to save extra income or pay down debt? Learn how to manage debt while creating a healthy budget for your household.


Whether you have a small business wanting to offer benefits, or work for a company with benefits, or neither, I help clients understand their options to find the various benefits that are right for you.

Who makes us work

Meet The Team

Bobby Piton

MBA, CFA, Managing Partner

Nicole Piton

CFP®, Financial Coach

“Knowing why we make money and how it is sustainable is just as important as making the money in the first place.”

– Bobby Piton

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